New Entertainment


Annie is hosting here and I am starting my new podcast, “SPEAK WHAT YOU THINK'” at  Annies Link! I hope you are having the best day possible and that you are able to return every few days to see how we are progressing, hoping you can add something of value and fun to the conversation! Guaranteed; not all conversations are not going to be fun, however, I will end each podcast on a positive note.

Business on the Internet of things

I find myself wondering how this marketing, advertising, interviews, and trying to get myself “out there”, is all going to work… it will, of course thinking positively!

After nine years of collecting information, hiring lawyers, working with website builders, and trying to compete with the Big Boys in publishing these days, I have decided I may possibly sell my books 1 by 1… at first slowly while figuring on to which sites I can market, and to which sites I should never put in my material.  What is with all of this banning? I grew up in the world being able to say at least my truthful thoughts, and now in this world, I want that freedom back. I hope all of us can agree on that. So check out and read a true story that will touch your heart.