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A new book, COLA GIRL by Elsie Clay, exposes years of abuse and hateful acts of cruelty within the founder’s family. Physical, social, and psychological issues, will remain years after these abuses stop. Perhaps for some, sadly, they will never stop in this lifetime. COLA GIRL, is a prime and up to date example, of the consequences of pedophilia, incest, sex trafficking, child slavery, drugs and weapon trafficking. This is the insidious side of where our society is being led by the evil ones, those who demand we accept their behavior and morally agree to their criminal activities. I believe we can conquer this evilness as more of us become aware; refusing to tolerate these deplorable and illegal acts against and upon, our precious children.



Abuse, brutal cruelty, and triumph, in the Coca-Cola’s founding family.

Where would you go fifty-five years ago to report abuse? Nowhere. Most of these abusers in Grace’s true story, are all direct family members of Asa Griggs Candler, the founder of the Coca-Cola Company®. Grace and her immediate family, moved from Georgia at an early age, leaving all relatives behind. From the research I have done, there is no evidence that Asa Griggs Candler was at fault for any of these abuses which have occurred.

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Grace shares her story to keep up and accelerate awareness for the sexually, mentally, and emotionally abused humans on this planet. She describes the tragic and  humorous sides and details of her life; explaining the long process of learning to forgive, while immersing herself into this life more comfortably, and a bit wiser. She understands the importance of keeping her heart open with respect, humility, and love. Grace’s story reminds us to remain aware, to question more, and to enjoy every moment while spreading the pure joy of life and understanding, right back into the universe. Elsie explains how Grace has come full circle in her later years; living and learning to trust once more. By sharing her story, she hopes to encourage our society and culture to better itself by building stronger communities, enforcing laws already on the books, and by putting the brakes on the horrific abuse of these externally silent souls who quietly live on this planet; craving for someone to help rid the earth of this pure evil that infests every nook and cranny across this planet. There is only one truth. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Cola Girl is not for the faint of heart.


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10 thoughts on “ANNIE’S LINK INC.

  1. The best book I have read
    Couldn’t put it down ,stayed up all night to finish
    Thanks for writing this book and making people aware of the horrors that truly exist out there

    1. I’m happy you enjoyed it Steve. Thank you for the comment. It is a dangerous world. Parents and children need to be more aware and Involved in the world around them. 🌎 Definitely a worldwide problem.

  2. Such a touching story. A must read story about the true struggles many woman have come through. Great piece of work and helps to give hope to those who have been through the struggle.

    1. Thank you Jessie. I appreciate all of your support throughout this project. As a nation we need to come to grips with truth and care for one another with love.

  3. It’s amazing how a human being can go through so much abuse and heartbreak, and still be such a loving, positive soul! You are my hero!

    1. Thank you Carlos. I always remind myself that others are going through terrible struggles. I am grateful I was able to hold on and now am able to speak up and hopefully help others.

  4. The web site is put together very nicely. I think this book can relate to many out there and hopefully help or guide some to get help.

    1. Thank you Dustin. I hope it will also help future generations. We need to teach our children and grand children the truth.

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